African Vibes!

We just came back from our travels through Kenya. It was such an enriching experience for us and the kids. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the abundance of wildlife, the culture so different from ours, the food and it's people. I could just tell from their faces how the kids were taking it all in and sharing these precious moments with their friends...

Seven years ago, we had seen our friends for the last time in Sri Lanka and now years later we saw each other in Nairobi! We connected immediately. It felt like it was only yesterday and so for the kids as they were out and about, running and playing non stop till the end of the day.

During our time in Nairobi, I was lucky to meet three beautiful local kids. I had brought a few samples of the new Si!Si! Summer Collection and before we left Colombo, secretly had hoped I could do a little photoshoot..;)

And there they were, on a sunny afternoon, three adorable kids walked into my friend's house. It started with a few giggles and a few moments later they were all dressed up. Most of the pictures you can find in the Si!Si! Lookbook African Vibes!! but I have shared some of them here.


X Irstel


irstel jansen

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