Irstel Jansen is the designer and founder of Si!Si! FOR KIDS, and has lived in Sri Lanka with her husband and boys since 2003. Creative and artistic, Irstel grew up in a small bohemian village in Holland, amongst painters, musicians and artists, and spent many of her founding years travelling the world absorbing exotic cultures before living in far off lands

Irstel’s passion for design was ignited out of necessity when she was living with her husband and baby Ruben in Galle, where kids clothes were hard to find. As a result, Irstel began designing clothes for Ruben, and had them made locally. When the couple moved up to Colombo to set up the travel company, SriLankaInStyle, she started selling her designs in the city’s chic boutiques. Irstel's family has now grown into five and apart from designing she loves to spend time with her family travelling around Sri Lanka and discover new places.

The Si!Si! FOR KIDS collections are influenced by her love of travel, music, the great outdoors and the vibrant colours of Sri Lanka. Inspired by her own bohemian upbringing as well as her three boys, the Si!Si! KID is adventurous, free-spirited and loves to play! The collections are tropical, bohemian and relaxed, with a timeless appeal. Featuring vintage prints that blend nostalgia with modernity, all clothes are hand-made and from locally sourced fabrics.  

All of Si!Si! FOR KIDS collections are produced in Sri Lanka, crafted by a small collective of women, each of whom we know individually. They work at their own pace and earn a fair wage so they can sustain themselves independently through the sale of our products. Contributing positively to Sri Lankan communities and assisting in the development of small-scale cottage industries is at the very heart of the Si!Si! FOR KIDS brand.  


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